Oral and Poster Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations, prepared and presented in English, cannot exceed 15 minutes, including possible discussion (except plenary and keynote ones). Please, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that lasts for up to 10-12 minutes MAXIMUM, to allow 3-5 minutes for discussion after your talk. Note that the Chairperson will have strict instructions to enforce this time limit, so time your lecture carefully.

There will be a Windows based PC available in the room. Please, do not use your own PC.

The software in use will be PowerPoint (save fonts used in your document). Please use Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2007, 2010, 2013 or higher versions*, or Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) to guarantee they will open successfully on the PC. We recommend you to save your PowerPoint presentation using (*.pptx) format instead of (*ppsx).

If your presentation uses digital video files (*.mpg, *.wav), please check that they are saved in the same directory as your PowerPoint file and adapt the link if needed.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of Macintosh-based presentations.

Files must be delivered at least the day before the presentation. Please, contact the organization as soon as possible for loading and checking your presentation. Specialized technicians will be available to help you download and run-through. If you need any further information or you have any special request regarding the oral sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance: cesep19@viajestransvia.com

Poster Presentation guidelines

The title and authors must appear at the top of the poster. We also recommend the use of a font size legible from a distance of 2 m.

Poster dimensions: A0 (Width x Height = 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm= 33.11 inch x 46.8 inch). Layout: portrait orientation, to fit on the poster display boards provided.

Materials to secure posters to the boards will be provided. At registration you will be provided with instructions on your poster location.

Posters will be displayed during the conference. Posters must be removed at the end of second Poster session. Posters that are not removed will be discarded.

Authors are expected to stand by their posters during the Poster Session for discussion with interested participants.

Any special request regarding the poster sessions must be addressed in advance to cesep19@viajestransvia.com