CESEP’19 is the eighth international conference on Carbon for Energy Storage and Environment Protection. The conference will be organized by the Spanish Group of Carbon (GEC) and will be held in Alicante, Spain, in October 20-24th, 2019.

To date, carbon materials play a major role in a large number of highly specialized applications -as structural and functional materials- related with current industrial challenges. The underlying reasons for this are their flexible coordination chemistry that allows almost infinite possibilities of 3D structures, and their ability to react with other heteroatoms to incorporate functional groups that determine the self-organization, chemical stability and reactivity.

As in preceding meetings, the conference aims at bringing together the scientists, engineers and technologists and intends to provide a forum for discussion on fundamental and technological scientific aspects of carbon applications related to energy storage and environment protection. This conference is expected to stimulate fruitful discussion, new ideas and collaborations between specialists from various domains.

Keeping the style of the first CESEP, the Conference will consist of one single session. There will be plenary and keynote lectures by recognized speakers, and a special emphasis will be made in oral and poster communications. We are expecting a limited number of participants (250 maximum). The official language will be English.